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I – Boson delivers peerless performance for you to innovate, explore and grow your business.

Drive how your business works and how well it delivers with platform solutions and technology from I -Boson. Define new possibilities by streamlining complexities for real-time responsiveness; informing actions with timely access to information; and unleashing innovation to transform how your business creates, performs, and connects. Want to innovate without disruption? Take advantage of business applications that leverage the latest technology advancements – including mobile, cloud, and many more. Check out our solutions to see how we can keep your company on the very cutting edge.


Requirements are gathered and are analyzed for their validity and possibility of incorporating in the system to be developed.


Team of outstanding designers to create what is there in your imagination, the system and software design will be prepared from the requirement specifications.


Team of professional, well trained developers work together to complete the coding with passion and enthusiasm with the specific time.


Our testing and QA team check the site rigorously and see if there is anything that is not right. We will ensure that the final product is meeting up with all the compatibility and proposed specifications.


The website launch is done after writing code for all sections and placing each single pixel in the right place. After getting a final confirmation, we will make your dream online interface live.


We love to care what we have created, so on-going support and maintanence will be provided upon client's request. We have an excellent support team to provide technical and non-technical support.

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